The Tennis Club Annual Members Ball

By Wessel Lombard  |  September 7, 2018  | 693

On 31 August 2018 we joined an eclectic group of creatives at the annual Johannesburg Tennis club ball for the first all-nighter of spring. Walking up the clubhouse stairs there is a palpable feeling that the night is going to deliver some winners, and like all good parties, some losers. Winner boards on the walls are graced with golden letters spelling out names like Billy Jean King and Jimmy Connors. Staring down at the courts from the balcony, there’s a sea of green that beckons you to grab a racket and balls for some hard court rallies. As soon as you snap out of it and realize that you can’t even play tennis, the bar finds you and the tunes kick off….

Organizers MJ Turpin and Matthew Dean wanted to create a space for open minded people to congregate and celebrate a variety of music. Two stages leave you spoilt for choice between DJs and bands that mix the evening together perfectly.

We invited the celebrated Lee-Roy Jason to take snaps of the night and as per usual he did not disappoint….

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