The Beau Beau collection is the New Black

ByLeah Jasmine  | April 11, 2018  | 900

The basis of virtually any contemporary wardrobe is a staple of monochrome and, of course, plenty of black. Black is and has always been the new black, the old black, the best black. Black looks good on everyone, this is a universal truth. It’s comfortable and sophisticated, elegant and lazy. It’s a fashion-shaped hole in the universe.

The impact of streetwear and its rise from its roots in hip-hop and skate culture to its explosion on the runway has left it in a category somewhere comfortably between high-fashion style and ready-to-wear comfort. Nevermind how Kanye West has contributed to this fashionable movement, The practicality of streetwear is balanced with its structural design and aesthetic, providing the perfect meeting point between road and runway. Not only that but as a global fashion shift leans towards the genderless, streetwear’s androgynous form allows the comfortable space between masculine and feminine to flourish as designers begin to adapt their ranges for this vastly emerging taste.

The best thing about the merging of high-fashion and streetwear is that you don’t need to take out a second mortgage and purchase one of the Balenciaga bomber jackets you saw on the runway; there are plenty of local designers living for the purpose of well-considered, high-quality streetwear that’s practical, comfortable, and stylish as hell. One of our favourites hanging in the closet is Beau Beau, a South African streetwear brand created by Paige Sher (of Paige Smith) and Jana Hamman (of Jana+Koos).

Beau Beau is a collection inspired by the unique tastes of the long-distance besties, creating for themselves the kind of clothing they want and need to wear. The trans-seasonal range is designed to intersect comfort and style, featuring strong silhouettes cut from premium fabrics and attention to detail. The range is basic but considered, comes exclusively in black, and as we mentioned earlier, black goes with everything. It makes sense that the pocket-dresses are already sold-out on their website, women have been asking for pockets for years.

This is a range for the contemporary, genderless human that keeps it basic but is not basic. They’re handmade in Cape Town using premium fabrics and designed to last. Up your streetwear game and shop Beau Beau here.

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