Listen to this: ‘Sîfó’ by Nonku Phiri

By Jägermeister  |  July 23, 2018  | 223

Nonku Phiri encapsulates everything After Dark loves about South African creativity. She does not exist in one spectrum, but in all of them and is leading the game in each. Whether we are talking her music (as “herself” or Jung Freud), illustration, or a boss business women (she recently created her own record label – Albino Black).

We are here right now to appreciate a singular and latest output – ‘Sîfó’, the first single off her forthcoming new EP. “As an ode to grief, the track encourages a discourse surrounding the necessity of embracing our vulnerability in a time of great loss and the importance of acknowledging the habitual defeats of not living with intention.”

The song’s importance is two-fold: It creates tension in discussing a topic not usually pushed in traditional popular media and allows us to get to know Nonku and her creative perplexities better.


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