As the global climate shifts, so does style

By Leah Jasmine  |  July 10, 2018  | 1,230

How do you imagine it will feel when the sick weight of the air makes gas masks a styling staple? It’s possible that the future might look quite grim. Of course, there will always be those among us who manage to look amazing among the wreckage of a dystopian future. Take the Inacio sisters, for example.


SUBJUGATION is a creative styling and photography project by Alex Paterimos and Raquel Inacio, also featuring her sister, Hannah. Inspired by the prediction of an artificial, polluted, dystopian future which is proving to very soon become a reality as global climate change and human unease increases. These dark images were styled and shot with the purpose of instilling a feeling of discomfort and powerlessness within the viewer.

Born of a generation forced to watch helplessly as higher powers pollute and destroy their planet and home, the creators live with a persistent sensation of powerlessness. Artificial fabrics such as black vinyl, nylon faux fur, and polyester mesh were used to represent the plastic waste that is plaguing our future and our present. The feeling of powerlessness and enslavement to unethical practices is a theme explored by the use of steel chains and locks.

Shot in the Cape Town city bowl, this project highlights that poverty and dystopia is not just around the corner, it’s a lived reality today. It is the hope of the creators that by the use of artistic mediums such as fashion and photography, they can communicate the importance of protecting our planet and encourage the youth to break free from these bondages, by no longer giving our support and allegiance to the organizations that are destroying the only planet that we have.

Photography: Alex Paterimos / @alxethelion
Styling and art direction: Raquel Inacio / @raquelfernandainacio
Models: Raquel Inacio and Hannah Inacio

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