If you’re the kind of person who believes women should be seen and not heard you should probably stop right now, because Rouge is not for you. A feast for the ears and eyes, Rouge is the new school rapper and hip-hop artist burning up Mzansi right now.

Before her steady rise to fame, Rouge perfected her craft in her formative years, when she was still known as Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi in her hometown Pretoria. For those at the back of the bus, that’s “at an early age”, and she’s only 25 now. She’s being at since she was a kid and now she gets to proclaim “I’m a CEO, you don’t know it” because she’s her own damn boss. She’s an independent woman and she’ll make sure everything she does is exactly what she wants. Rouge takes orders from nobody.

New Era Sessions, Rouge’s unapologetic debut album features abrasive raps laid carefully over the ridiculous beats and it’s all intentional. It’s possible that Rouge is one of the most underrated artists in the country, but her come-up is inevitable. Listen to her right now, so that one day you can turn around and say “I was listening to Rouge before it was cool” and people will think of you as very, very cool.

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