Johnny Cradle


The evolution in Johnny Cradle’s style is no accident; this is no ordinary collection of musicians. Rather than stick to structure and doing the done thing, Johnny Cradle has found a way to defy tradition and create their own when it comes to weaving a musical landscape using a combination of instrumental and digital sounds. Completely aware of their surroundings and having lived in a combination of urban and township contexts Johnny Cradle create the images of their sound through multilingual lyrics. They paint a picture of reality and see their role not as one to change who we are, but to express who we are truly at our core.

Their message has the potential to make people uncomfortable, masked masterfully under beats that make you want to move, and this is the power of Johnny Cradle. They’ve constructed a vehicle designed to deliver a message so many South Africans need to hear without confronting aggressively. What they’re bringing across is also elevated by their imagery, with the band directing many of their own photo and video shoots. They’ve played The Grahamstown Arts Festival, Mieliepop, Lush and Oppikoppi so far, with some major festival appearances lined up for the future.


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