Jack Parow


Hailing from humble Bellville beginnings, Jack Parow hasn’t always been who you think he is. The pirate of the caravan park is a purveyor of good vibes and has little time for nonsense, which might sound strange if you’ve ever heard him speak, but he knows exactly what he’s doing. This Meister is proud and unbothered, treading a fine line between social commentary and satire with his big ol’ peak cap and staunch Afrikaans accent.

The secret to Parow’s success is never taking himself or anything else too seriously. Jack Parow’s sense of humour is what sets him apart from any emcee in the country. We like him because he takes the mickey, but he is also very, very good at what he does. A self-proclaimed master of braai, Jack Parow turns up the heat with his meaty lyrics and signature style. The Afrikaans rapper in the mile-long peak cap will always make it lekker.

He’s funny and kinda sexy, and the oke puts on a hell of a show. Check it.

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