South Africans are not the type to just accept things for how and what they are. We challenge things, we ask questions and we push back because we know that the people with power don’t necessarily have the best intentions. We learnt that the hard way. That’s why Fokofpolisiekar has such power: they ask the questions in public that we all ask in private.

Sure, there are conservative communities who still flinch collectively when they hear Fokofpolisiekar, but the band really doesn’t give a damn. Comprised of Francois Van Coke, Johnny de Ridder, Hunter Kennedy, Wynand Myburgh and Jaco “Snakehead” Venter, they’re an electric combination of Meisters. They’re not afraid of controversy; even their name strikes a nerve, but they’ve also been celebrated in the Afrikaans literary community for their poignant, poetic and cutting lyrics. Transcendental of class age and other divides we face as a nation proves that it’s more than just the band’s name that’s outrageous; they’re back from hiatus and here to melt faces.

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