012 Trading Card Game

By Wessel J Lombard  |  November 7, 2018  | 1,046

The who’s who of P-town crawled out of their cocoon to celebrate the launch of its very own trading card game.

Brent Swart, the brains behind the game idea, is there to welcome the hand-picked illustrators and featured scene heavyweights.

The plan started out with 100 cards, matching up illustrators to individuals, places and artists that form the backbone of Pretoria’s music and art culture. 100 quickly grew to 112 when news of the project hit social media. Suggestions, comments and opinions from those that live the scene kept Brent and his team at Spaza on their toes to ensure that the project speaks to the heart and soul of the Jakaranda Stad.

The collectable cards feature pro-bono artworks from illustrators, some even extending their generosity to two or three cards. Thirty-five bucks got you five pocket sized pieces of art to collect, trade and face off against your friends in a game of 012 with. The night kicked off with an ice cold shot and a mahala draught. Slight whispers quickly changed into a buzzing card bazaar. There was some good natured wheeling and dealing, from hand shakes and fair deals to dodgy IOU’s and 5-to-1 trades for a rare Henk van der Schyf three star. Watch this space for the next opportunity to get your sticky fingers on these cards.

Alet Pretorius was there to capture the evening:


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